Dario has worked extensively as an artist, artistic director, facilitator and arts manager across Australia and internationally. His work is concerned with global flows and the unconscious, seeking to expose ethical issues that underpin human enterprise, and to facilitate utopian responses to how these can be shifted through pragmatic, visionary, collaborative artworks. Dario was appointed Artistic Director of OSCA (Open Space Contemporary Arts) in South Australia from 2012 to 2015, evolving a project based CCD company to a triennially funded contemporary social art organisation working across Australia and Internationally. Just prior to this he directed the large-scale public space art project, the Great Wall of Books, an interdisciplinary, transnational, collaborative artwork that created multi art public programs resulting from long term residencies working with hundreds of local artists and community members. GWB toured Australia, Korea, Mexico and Macau SAR China. Since 1999 he has created intimate solo and large-scale festival artworks – working across performance, video, installation, writing and participatory practices. Dario has also worked in a variety of managerial and producing roles for organisations such as Aphids, Big West Festival, Social Firms Australia and 5 Angry Men. Dario is currently operating freelance across networks in Australia, Asia and Europe, whilst creating the multi episodic video opera: La Vita Nuova and the large format algorithm-video: 2Beaches. He is also creating smaller artworks such as recent Humans Can be Artists for Nanjing Art Museum, China, and is expanding his creative methodology transcendental art practice and critical political theory through doctoral studies in Creative Arts at Deakin University.

Photo: Rosie Kavanagh, 2009

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